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polytherm shutters
polytherm shutters




PolyTherm® Shutters are superior in product innovation, exclusive to Shutterplus and quickly becoming a category leader in top selling plantation shutters. PolyTherm® Shutters are 100% custom-made to your requirements and specifically engineered with a highly durable recyclable solid wood substitute; so they won’t chip, crack, warp, or split. Unbreakable!

With so many other benefits to love, such as being moisture resistant, fire resistant, high insulation properties and quick turnaround times; no doubt the ultimate durability of the PolyTherm® Shutter stands the test of time over any other window covering.

Whether building your new home or diving into a home improvement project, such as replacing old window coverings, be sure to upgrade with PolyTherm® Shutters and take your renovation to the next level.

Please note our PolyTherm® Shutters are solid core, not hollow core, combining maximum strength and premium thermal efficiency.

The PolyTherm Shutter Insulating System

PolyTherm® Shutters are an ideal investment for those seeking to product longevity, turn-key functionality, and stand-out aesthetics with high-style versatility to complement any interior design decor.

But, one feature that especially sets PolyTherm® Shutters apart from other plantation shutters, and any other window covering for that matter, is that they are extruded with a high density foam interior, similar to the insulation material sprayed between rafters in an attic space, thus adding another layer of window insulation.

PolyTherm® Shutters are solid core, not hollow core like other express shutters on the market.

These shutters are a game-changer for maximizing energy efficiency in any given space, lasting longer than traditional wood shutters and insulating up to 70% more efficiently.

Research carried out by The Edinburg World Heritage Trust and reported by BBC Scotland, demonstrated how keeping shutters and curtains closed at night can reduce heat loss.  Installing PolyTherm® shutters will further dramatically reduce your heat loss.  https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-11759023

Shutter insulation
polytherm shutters



  • Custom-made in Ireland and shipped direct from our factory in 2-3 weeks


  • Extruded components with high density foam insulation interior
  • More energy efficient than any other window covering
  • Up to 70% better at reducing heat loss than wood shutters


  • Moisture resistant making them ideal for bathrooms and damp areas
  • Hard-wearing exterior shell eliminates dents in busy household areas
  • Material will not chip, peel, crack or warp in any conditions
  • Robust construction resulting in an UNBREAKABLE shutter