Our Range of Shutters

When you buy shutters from Shutterplus, you can rest assured that your new custom-made shutters represent outstanding quality and value for money.

NEW Polywood®


Introducing our brand new POLYWOOD shutter range combining fauxwood MDF and ABS materials to bring you a competitively-priced shutter.

This plantation shutter is quite simply, the toughest, most durable shutter available on the market today!

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 23 shades of whites,off-whites & greys
  • Centre, off-set or hidden tilt rod options
  • Wide selection of surround frames to choose from
  • Matching-colour hinges or nickel, brass or chrome
  • Concealed button magnets with integrated strike plates
  • Extremely durable shutter for everyday, busy households!

Classic MDF


Our mdf range of shutters combine a tough, durable finish with excellent value for money.

A solid, engineered wood core is enclosed in a patented polypropylene coating that resists yellowing, denting, chipping and cracking.

Our Classic MDF is ideal in areas where it may take knocks, so it’s great for kids bedrooms and busy patio door areas.

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvers
  • 9 shades white & off-white
  • Mortise & tenon joints for increased structural integrity
  • Reinforced engineered wood stiles
  • Patented polypropylene coating to prevent moisture ingress
  • Durable, dent-resistant surface
  • Suitable for single and double-hinged panels

Premium Hardwood

Basswood Priority

These premium grade hardwood shutters are for the homeowner who wants only the finest interior furnishings in their home .

Available in a wide range of colors and frame surrounds, this hardwood range will add beauty and elegance to your home.

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 23 painted and 22 stained finishes
  • Lightweight for bi-folding panels
  • Mortise & tenon joints for extra panel strength
  • Hand-sanded with five coat application on both painted and stained finishes
  • Suitable for wider windows incorporating T posts or tri-fold panels
  • Ideal for living areas, bedrooms and architectural-feature windows

Waterproof Thermalite®


A unique waterproof shutter that is extremely hard-wearing and suitable for environments prone to steam or moisture.

Excellent insulation properties resulting in lower heating costs during winter months.

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 23 shades of white & off-white
  • Impervious to moisture and heat
  • Aluminium inserts included to prevent wider louvres bowing
  • Stainless steel staples & hinges to avoid any unsightly rust stains
  • Extruded, single-section components to give a seamless, professional appearance
  • Most suited to narrower windows where  bi-folding panels are smaller and lighter