Angled Bay

Bay Window

Shutters are fitted on bay windows using either the beaded L or insert L frames. Each window has its own individual frame and the frames will butt up against one another where the angles meet.  Remember to record your measurements as width x height (width measurements always first).


  1. Print off outline drawings of the L frame you've chosen and place them on your window sill at the angle where the side window meets the centre window. (Fig. 1)
  2. If your windows are PVC with protruding handles or alarm boxes are fitted, you will need to space the L frames out from your window to prevent the louvres being obstructed. (In our pictures below, a trim along the base of the window provides a ready made spacer).
  3. Where 64mm louvres are chosen, the back of the L frame needs to be the same distance out from the window as the handles or other objects. If you choose the 89mm louvre, the frame needs to be a further 15mm out and with the 115mm louvre, the frame should be spaced out 30mm from the handle or protruding object. (Use a small piece of wood or perhaps another sample frame as a spacer but remember to make note of how far out from the window your frame is going to be as you will need to know this when it comes to fixing).
  4. With the two L frames in place butted up to each other, make a small mark on your window sill to indicate where you should measure to and from. (Fig 2)
  5. Having marked the outer edges of the frames at the angles (Fig. 3), you can now begin measuring.
  6. For side windows measure from wall to mark (Fig 4) and for centre window measure from left mark to right mark. Do not make any deductions.

Fig 1.


Fig 2.


Fig 3.


Fig 4.


  1. Take height measurements in 5 different places in your bay window; the far left and far right hand side; the left angle (where frames butt up to each other - Fig. 1) and the right angle and finally in the middle of the centre window. Record the smallest measurement.
  2. It is important that all 3 frames are the same height as this ensures the same number of louvres will be in each panel and the top and bottom rails will be the same size.
  3. If you wish to have a mid-rail in your shutters, measure from the sill up to the mid point of where you want the rail to be. If possible match the location of your mid-rail to any rail or divider in your window.
  4. For tier-on-tier style, measure from the sill up to where you would like the split between top and bottom panels to be. This should be the same for all 3 windows in order to have a uniform look.

When ordering online, you will order three separate windows, typically referenced bay left, bay centre and bay right. If you need any assistance when measuring your bay window, please don't hesitate to call us on 071 912 5406.